Chamber Chiller Frequently Asked Questions

Chamber Chiller Frequently Asked Questions

By Steven Flood

This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the Chamber Chiller rifle barrel cooling fan device. If you have a new question, ask it in the comments and it might get added below:

Chamber Chiller BETA-50 v1.25 Rifle Barrel Cooler Prototype Design

Q: What is a “Chamber Chiller”?
A: Chamber Chiller is the product name given to my line of rifle barrel cooling fan devices.

Q: Who produces these products?
A: I have designed, developed, and assembled each of these products by myself in Reno, Nevada, USA.

Q: Why did you make Chamber Chiller?
A: I tested other products, and made a less expensive cooler with more air flow that uses common batteries.

Q: What happens to the design after you complete the prototyping phase?
A: Initial batches will be experimental, then I will explore other options or share my intellectual property.

Q: Do you have a patent on the Chamber Chiller design?
A: I have a copyright on the nozzle designs, but you are welcome to improve upon the cooler idea if you wish.

Q: Why should I use a Chamber Chiller barrel cooler?
A: Use a cooler because an overheated barrel reduces accuracy, increases pressure and throat erosion.

Q: I have a AR-15 in .223 Rem, and also a bolt rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. Will the OMEGA-50 fit both?
A: Yes, OMEGA is designed to fit 223 up to 6.5, and BETA fits 6mm up to 338LM (see nozzle compatibility).

Q: If I buy the smallest Chamber Chiller (OMEGA), would it also fit my big bore guns?
A: The nozzle won’t seal oversized chambers and output will be limited, but a thick rubber O-ring could help.

Q: I don’t see my cartridge listed on the nozzle compatibility page. How will I know which model to buy?
A: Contact me with the cartridge rim measurement, as it likely fits within one of the listed nozzle dimensions.

Q: I have a lever action rifle. Will Chamber Chiller fit?
A: Chamber Chiller has been designed to fit rifles with an open chamber port. It will not fit lever action rifles.

Q: Will Chamber Chiller’s fan nozzle scratch my chamber?
A: No it will not, as the entire product is made of hard plastic designed not to blemish rifle finishes.

Q: Aren’t you worried that the plastic nozzle will melt or deform in my chamber?
A: No, I’m not. The nozzle only touches the entry edge of the chamber, which is typically much cooler.

Q: Why don’t you include batteries with each shipment?
A: To reduce shipping weight, primarily. If it helps, Amazon sells 48-pack AAA batteries for $10.

Q: Are there any known issues with certain batteries?
A: Users have reported problems when using Duracell Quantum batteries, and lithium or enhanced cells.

Q: How long will it take to cool my barrel?
A: Chamber Chiller typically cools the barrel more than twice as fast as without any additional cooling.

Q: Is there any way to make Chamber Chiller cool the barrel even faster?
A: Yes. Using Chamber Chiller in an air-conditioned space can accelerate the cooling-down process.

Q: How long do the batteries last?
A: OMEGA-50 lasted more than three hours of continuous-on use, or nearly five hours with 15-minute use.

Q: Can I purchase Chamber Chiller in retail stores or at gun shows?
A: No. I produce working prototypes in limited quantity, and they’re only available at GunWarrior: Order Here.

Q: Do you offer coupon codes that will get me a discounted price?
A: Promotional coupon codes are occasionally offered for special events or gun club purchases.

Q: Why do you accept payment through PayPal, aren’t they anti-gun?
A: PayPal prohibits firearm sales with their service because of screening requirements. I’m only selling fans.

Q: Will you ship Chamber Chiller to a destination outside the USA?
A: No. Firearm accessories cannot be exported outside the USA, and shipping is also cost prohibitive.

Q: Is there any difference between your early samples and later versions?
A: The epoxy and glue have changed many times. Samples after April 2017 use higher quality components.

Q: I purchased a Chamber Chiller prototype, but it doesn’t fit right. Will you help?
A: Yes! Please contact me, and I’ll work with you to update the design to remedy any fitment issues.


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  1. Walt Voigt

    I would like to order a Omega 50

    1. https://www.facebook.com/olin.coles

      Great! Click this link and press the ‘reserve’ button to place your order. I will ship samples when I receive the overdue components. Thank you.

  2. Rick Armatage

    Hi I’m in the U.K. And have been looking for something like this that’s fits 22-250 and 25-06 for a while. I have recently ordered other firearms accessories from the US including a shotcam (direct from the maker) and a laminate stock from Boyds without any problem. Is there no way I can order one or even 2 of these?



    1. https://www.facebook.com/olin.coles

      Hello Rick:
      I have no plans to ship outside the USA at this time, but I do have plans for International shooters in the future.

  3. Rick Armatage

    Ok thanks

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