Chamber Chiller Rifle Cooler Samples

Chamber Chiller Rifle Cooler Samples

Prototype BETA-50 Samples Shipping Now BETA-60 Samples Ship in July

By Steven Flood

Chamber Chiller starts cooling at the rifle’s chamber, utilizing four AA or AAA batteries and a high-output fan to draw air from outside the rifle and push it down the longest barrel with impressive force for excellent cooling in big bore and high-power rifles. Less time is needed for cooling-down your gun, which means a quicker recovery to optimal operating temperatures so you can get back to shooting.

Chamber Chiller BETA-60, arguably the best rifle barrel cooler powered by AA batteries, is the original chamber cooling device developed for maximum output. It’s compact version, BETA-50, and its small-caliber cousin, OMEGA-50, have also been incredibly popular with shooting enthusiasts and competitors. Due to unexpected popularity, these prototype samples will be tested and shipped as soon as possible, so visit the Sample Order page to order one!

BETA-60: 4x AA Battery Box, 50mm Fan, 10.4 mm ID Nozzle

Using test feedback, the original 3D printed nozzle design was modified to incorporate a new airflow-shaping profile for better output pressure. Chamber Chiller BETA-60 prototype samples with an optimized v1.40 nozzle design will be shipping in July 2017.

Chamber Chiller BETA-60 v1.40 Rifle Barrel Cooler Prototype Design

BETA-50: 4x AAA Battery Box, 50mm Fan, 10.4 mm ID Nozzle
OMEGA-50: 4x AAA Battery Box, 50mm Fan, 8.0 mm ID Nozzle

Chamber Chiller BETA-50 has been flow-optimized with revision 1.25, and continues to offer excellent cooling performance similar to its larger sibling – but at only half the size. BETA-50 samples are available now.

Chamber Chiller BETA-50 v1.25 Rifle Barrel Cooler Prototype Design

What Happens Next?

This project was originally created to supply myself and close friend with a portable yet effective rifle cooling solution, and Chamber Chiller has far exceeded all expectations to also become very popular with other shooters. BETA-60’s is nearly ready for production with only a few more changes anticipated. BETA-50 and OMEGA-50 will also be receiving their final design updates. All that remains is a means to mass produce these products.

Chamber Chiller’s superior cooling performance has made it a high-demand product, and it will be on store shelves soon.

If you would like to purchase a sample, Chamber Chiller is offering limited run samples.


  1. Richard Hampton

    Even though you are “out of supply” on the Omega 50 Chamber Chiller for $46.60 as of 6/6/17, can I “pre-order” it using PayPal? Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Richard we hope to be shipping the next batch of Chamber Chillers in a few weeks. Please visit the new website to place an order. http://chamberchiller.com

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