Hornady Black 6mm Creedmoor 105gr BTHP

Brand new for the Hornady line up for 2017 is the 6mm Creedmoor 105gr Boat Tail Hollow Point. This new round is sure to be a winner with a great load and a low price. We couldn’t find much information about the new round at the time of publishing this deal because there is nothing available on the Hornady website and only a few companies appear to be carrying this load.

Hornady Black 6mm Creedmoor

New Hornady Black in 6mm Creedmoor!

Best Deals on Hornady Black 6mm Creedmoor 105gr BTHP

Red River Reloading $18.69


  1. charles speck

    I love it ! extremely accurate to 1000 yds. Trying to find it for less than $18. a box. Willing to buy bulk if price is good.

  2. Steven

    Charles good luck on finding a great deal. We don’t sell ammo so you will need to contact one of the vendors that do.

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