ABM Hunt Ready 300 Winchester Magnum 168gr Berger Classic Hunter

The 300 Winchester Magnum 168gr Berger Match Classic Hunter load represents a relatively light weight option for this cartridge. This means very high velocity performance which is key to dropping game in its tracks. The lighter bullet produces less recoil, and is an ideal option for lighter weight rifles used in short to medium range hunting applications.

Applied Ballistics Munitions offers superior ammunition for shooters that require reliability, accuracy and consistency. Our ballistician, Bryan Litz, uses scientific techniques to develop each cartridge using only the highest quality components. Rigorous testing is done to provide consistent velocities and trajectories from lot to lot, so that each shot is as good as the last. We work tirelessly to ensure that wherever your journey takes you; your ammo is Hunt Ready™.

The Hunt Ready™ line is built to bring down game with lethal precision. Our ammo is loaded with trusted Berger bullets, which allows you to take effective shots from short or extended ranges. Whether you are on a once in a lifetime hunt or in your own backyard, you can be confident in a quick and clean harvest.
Approximate COAL: 3.340″Even though the Cartridge Overall Length for this round meets SAAMI specified standards, we recommend you check your rifle and magazine’s maximum COAL for compatibility.

Distance (yds) Muzzle 3150  Energy (ft-lb)  3702
Distance (yds) 100 Velocity (fps) 2955 Energy (ft-lb) 3258
Distance (yds) 200 Velocity (fps) 2765 Energy (ft-lb) 2853
Distance (yds) 300 Velocity (fps) 2582 Energy (ft-lb) 2488
Distance (yds) 400 Velocity (fps) 2406 Energy (ft-lb) 2160

Performance based on a 26″ barrel and sea level conditions.
Bullet DetailsG1 BC 0.489G7 BC 0.251

ABM Hunt Ready 300 Winchester Magnum 168gr Classic Hunter

ABM Hunt Ready 300 Winchester Magnum 168gr Classic Hunter

Best Prices on ABM Hunt Ready 300 Winchester Magnum 168gr Classic Hunter

Red River Reloading $49.24
Brownells $53.99
Freedom Munitions $51.49

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