The 7.7×58mm Arisaka cartridge, Type 99 rimless 7.7 mm or 7.7mm Japanese was a rifle cartridge which was used in the Imperial Japanese Army’s Arisaka Type 99 Rifle and machine guns, and was the standard light cartridge for the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service, such as the Type 89. The Imperial Japanese Navy (and her Air Service) never shared weapons or ammunition with the Army, instead adopting the 7.7x56mmR, a direct copy of the .303 British round. The cartridge was designed to replace the aging 6.5×50mm Arisaka cartridge after seeing the effectiveness of the 8×57 IS heavy machine gun in action in China during 1937.[2] Due to lack of materials the plan to phase out the 6.5 mm Arisaka cartridge by the end of the war was not completed.

XCaliber Ammunition is an Ohio-based manufacturer of high-end self defense, hunting, and target ammunition. While other manufacturers may have a specific product line designated as “match” or “premium,” at XCaliber…that’s all they do!

When you use XCaliber pistol or rifle ammo, you can be sure it is backed by countless hours of research and testing, aimed at determining which recipe and components will provide you with the optimal performance. Their passion for precision, repeat-ability, accuracy, and reliability fuels their pursuit of perfection. Let their attention to every technical detail provide you with the ammunition you and your gun deserve.

7.7X58 JAPANESE ARISAKA Ammunition
With the same tight tolerances you have come to expect from XCaliber Ammunition, this 7.7 X 58mm recipe achieves an average muzzle velocity of 2,380 fps from a 26″ barrel Type 99. With a standard deviation velocity in the single-digits, you have to try this load…it just might become your new favorite round.


Hornady’s 174 grain Full metal jacket with boat tail or Sierra Match King 174gr BTJHP

Factory crimp with cannelure

New brass

CCI Primers

7.7X58 JAPANESE ARISAKA Ammunition is Available at Red River Reloading $35.99 box 20



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