Eley Club 22LR 40 Grain RN

Eley Club 22LR 40gr RN /50

ELEY only manufactures .22LR ammunition and has been the benchmark of quality and consistency since 1828. ELEY produces the world’s most accurate .22LR ammunition that is trusted by world-class medal winning shooters. This takes dedication and an obsession for perfection.

‚ÄčEach ELEY cartridge lot is assembled from high specification component batches on our unique precision loading machines, designed and built by ELEY engineers. Every bullet is cold formed by a single punch and die before undergoing electronic visual verification to ensure ballistic consistency. Cartridge case length is closely controlled using statistical techniques to provide a precise combustion and thermal decomposition of each grain. ELEY understands that Every Shot Counts.

ELEY club is our mid-range competitive target cartridge featuring a round-nose bullet profile.

Best Prices on Eley Club 22LR 40 Grain RN: 

Red River Reloading $6.36

Bud’s Gun Shop $6.52

Sportsman’s Guide $7.49


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