Aguila .22 Winchester Auto 45gr LRN Eley Primed

Aguila .22 Winchester Auto 45gr LRN Eley Primed /50

Named for the process of packing the priming compound into the rim of the cartridge, Rimfire rounds are limited to lower pressures and lighter weights — making them an inexpensive and easily accessible round. Manufactured using Aguila Prime technology, which is engineered and tested to Olympic shooting standards — Aguila’s 16 skus of Rimfire cartridges are meticulously formed for performance and perfection. Clean combustible powders, maximum output at controlled pressures, and a strict quality assurance program all add up to give shooters the Aguila Advantage.

The 22 Winchester Automatic cartridge was introduced by Winchester in 1903 strictly for use in their Model 1903 Semi-Automatic Rimfire Rifle. This round will not chamber correctly in any other rifle other than the Model 1903. Please be aware that this ammo will not work in your 22 Long Rifle or 22 WMR. This round is Eley primed so you know you’ll get reliable action and accurate grouping every time you pull the trigger on your Model 1903 rifle. Muzzle Velocity 1030.

This ammo will not function in any other Rimfire Rifle other than the Winchester Model 1903.

Best Prices on Aguila .22 Winchester Auto 45gr LRN Eley Primed:

Red River Reloading $15.37

Foundry 35 $15.57

Bud’s Gun Shop $15.76

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