Hornady 17HM2 17gr

Hornady 17HM2 17gr /50

From prairie dogs to coyote and fox, the Hornady Rimfire line of ammunition offers varmint hunters high speed rimfire cartridges. Loaded with either the V-MAX or NTX bullet, these loads deliver tack-driving accuracy and dramatic expansion on impact.

Product Features

  • Hornady’s V-MAX bullets consistently achieve rapid fragmentation at all practical varmint shooting velocities.
  • Every Varmint Express cartridge is hand inspected before leaving our factory, ensuring there are no cosmetic flaws and imperfections.
  • The powder in a Varmint Express cartridge is selected for its consistency from lot to lot. That means consistent accuracy and optimum pressure and velocity on every shot.
  • All the cases chosen for use in our Varmint Express ammo are made in America and meet Hornady’s stringent quality standards.
  • Each primer is matched with a specific Varmint Express load to ensure quick, complete ignition.
  • Muzzle Velocity – 2100
  • Muzzle Energy – 166

Best Prices on Hornady 17HM2 17gr:

Manventure Outpost – $6.51

Red River Reloading – $6.57

Foundry 35 – $6.69

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