Federal FNH SS197 SR 5.7x28mm 40gr V-MAX Ammunition

Federal FNH SS197 SR 5.7x28mm 40gr V-MAX Ammunition /50

The SS197SR, also known as the Sporting Round, is loaded with Hornady’s extremely popular V-Max bullet. The V-Max is a polymer tipped bullet which enchances accuracy, creates rapid expansion and brings the richochet down to a minimum.

This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases and is great for target shooting, competition or hunting.


Caliber: 5.7x28mm FN
Bullet Weight: 40 Grains
Bullet Style: Hornady V-Max
Case Type: Brass

Muzzle Velocity: 2034 fps
Muzzle Energy: 256 ft. lbs.

Best Prices on Federal FNH SS197 SR 5.7x28mm 40gr V-MAX Ammunition:

Smokey Mountain Munitions – $19.99

Red River Reloading – $20.13

Outdoor Limited – $24.50

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