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Federal CCI 22 LR 45gr Subsonic Ammunition

CCI 22LR Suppressor CCI0957 45 Gr Lead Hollow Point BRICK 500 Rounds

For the backyard plinker or the competition shooter, CCI has what you need. For accurate, extremely consistent ammunition the only option is CCI’s Competition, Target and Plinking line. We offer a variety of affordable loads and calibers ideal for each discipline and fit perfectly for popular rifle, pistol and semi-automatic shooters. And they’re loaded to …

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Eley 22lr 38gr Subsonic Hollow Point

Eley 22lr 38gr Subsonic Hollow Point /300

ELEY subsonic hollow is a hunting cartridge with target shooting accuracy and reduced velocity, offering a quieter muzzle report compared to other .22LR hunting rounds. With its innovative hollow nosed profile, the ELEY subsonic hollow projectile delivers unequalled expansion characteristics, resulting in short penetration with outstanding stopping power; essential features for vermin control. The non-greasy …

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