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Precision Hunter 6mm Creedmoor 103gr ELD-X

Precision Hunter 6mm Creedmoor 103gr ELD-X /20

Accuracy and terminal performance are the cornerstones of Hornady Precision Hunter factory loaded ammunition. Great care has been given by Hornady engineers to develop superior, match­-accurate hunting loads that allow the ELD­-X bullet to achieve its maximum ballistic potential. Propellants used in the Precision Hunter ammunition line are clean burning and loaded to uniform capacity …

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6mm Creedmoor 108gr ELD-M 20

Product Features THE PERFECT TIP! The new Heat Shield™ tip on the ELD® Match bullet creates the perfect meplat and outperforms BTHP bullets. HORNADY® MATCH™ BULLETS Hornady® Match™ rifle ammunition is loaded with the most accurate, consistent match bullets in the world, featuring our AMP® bullet jackets. SPECIALLY SELECTED CASES Cases are carefully selected based …

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Hornady Black 6mm Creedmoor 105gr BTHP

Hornady Black 6mm Creedmoor

Brand new for the Hornady line up for 2017 is the 6mm Creedmoor 105gr Boat Tail Hollow Point. This new round is sure to be a winner with a great load and a low price. We couldn’t find much information about the new round at the time of publishing this deal because there is nothing …

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Chamber Chiller Nozzle Compatibility

Chamber Chiller BETA-60 v1.40 Rifle Barrel Cooler Prototype Design

This page is updated with the latest prototype nozzle compatibility with cartridge chambers as they are confirmed. If you do not see your cartridge listed below, please leave a comment and I will research for inclusion with a future update. Each model has its size range for cartridge rims published for reference.