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Chamber Chiller Releases a USB powered Chamber and Barrel Chiller

Chamber Chiller USB

Chamber Chiller recently announced the arrival of their new USB powered models. They are available in a variety of colors including yellow and orange to be used as chamber flags. They are powered by any USB power source including laptops, tablets and portable chargers like the Rayovac portable charger that can be added to your …

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Chamber Chiller Rifle Cooler Samples

This project was originally created to supply myself and close friend with a portable yet effective rifle cooling solution, and Chamber Chiller has far exceeded all expectations to also become very popular with other shooters. BETA-60’s latest revision is considered final, and ready for production. BETA-50 and OMEGA-50 have also received their final design updates. All that remains is a means to mass produce these products.

Chamber Chiller BETA-60 Samples Available

Creator Olin Coles has secured new inventory of the fan and battery box components, and will reintroduce Chamber Chiller BETA-60 with an all-new optimized nozzle design. Using test feedback, the original 3D printed nozzle design was modified to incorporate a new airflow-shaping profile for better output pressure.