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Eley Force 22LR 42gr Lead RN

Eley Force 22LR 42gr Lead RN /300

Eley makes high quality ammunition for the discerning shooter. Whether you are a high end match or competitive shooter, or just looking to spend a day at the range with friends, Eley Rimfire ammunition has you covered. Features: .22 Long Rifle 42 Grain High Velocity Lead Round Nose Non-Reloadable Non-Corrosive Muzzle Velocity: 1250 fps Muzzle …

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Eley 22lr 38gr Subsonic Hollow Point

Eley 22lr 38gr Subsonic Hollow Point /300

ELEY subsonic hollow is a hunting cartridge with target shooting accuracy and reduced velocity, offering a quieter muzzle report compared to other .22LR hunting rounds. With its innovative hollow nosed profile, the ELEY subsonic hollow projectile delivers unequalled expansion characteristics, resulting in short penetration with outstanding stopping power; essential features for vermin control. The non-greasy …

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Eley Match Flat Nose 40gr 22LR 1085ft/sec 104.9ft/lb

Eley Match Flat Nose 40gr 22LR 1085ft/sec 104.9ft/lb /50

ELEY tenex the world’s most consistently accurate .22LR cartridge. With over 180 years of heritage and experience, engineering excellence is central to the success of ELEY tenex. Our highly skilled engineers combine state of the art machinery with high speed electronic visual inspection systems and Six Sigma methodologies to produce the cartridges that have redefined …

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Eley Club 22LR 40 Grain RN

Eley Club 22LR 40gr RN /50

ELEY only manufactures .22LR ammunition and has been the benchmark of quality and consistency since 1828. ELEY produces the world’s most accurate .22LR ammunition that is trusted by world-class medal winning shooters. This takes dedication and an obsession for perfection. ​Each ELEY cartridge lot is assembled from high specification component batches on our unique precision …

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