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XCaliber 45/70 Government 300gr Hornady JHP Ammunition


This very potent round is extremely accurate and consistent. During development we struck virtually the same spot on a man-sized steel target…at 200 yards! Customers have been reporting consistent 1″ groups at 100 yards. Safe in all strong actions including modern lever guns, Sharps, High Walls, Rolling Blocks, and single shots. NOT SAFE IN TRAPDOOR …

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XCaliber 458 SOCOM 300gr Hornady XTP JHP

XCaliber 458 SOCOM 300gr Hornady XTP JHP /20

This 458 SOCOM load consists of a 300 grain JHP which accelerates to 1,850 FPS from a 16″ barrel. Accuracy from our test upper averages 1.6″ groups @ 100 yards from bags. Exceptional terminal performance is achieved at this velocity. This round passes through two layers of leather and 26″ of standard FBI density ballistic …

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