Chamber Chiller Rifle Barrel Cooler Prototypes

Chamber Chiller: Rifle Barrel Cooler Prototypes

Order Prototype Cooling Fan Samples That Fit Your Rifle

By Olin Coles

When metal heats, the molecules excite and cause expansion. When metal becomes overheated, barrel harmonics also change, vibration increases, and shots begin to vertically string. A hot barrel also contributes to pressure failures, and increased throat erosion. You want a cool barrel so that each shot is consistent, and wear is minimized. This is why I’ve created the “Chamber Chiller” rifle barrel cooling fan.

After testing homemade and commercially-available barrel cooling devices, I discovered several key areas that could be improved for better performance and functionality. As a result, I designed and developed my own Chamber Chiller rifle barrel cooling fan devices. These are functional products, but since each device is 3D printed and hand assembled with off-the-shelf parts it’s appropriate to label them as working prototypes.

The idea behind Chamber Chiller is simple: cool the chamber where heat often sinks into the loaded cartridge causing higher pressure, and deliver cool air down even the longest rifle barrel using a high-output fan. Impressive air volume forced past the barrel tenon at a high static pressure means much less time is needed for cooling-down, which also equals quicker recovery to optimal operating temperatures.

Chamber Chiller comes in two configurations: the 50-series utilizes four AAA batteries and a high-output 50 mm fan for most all common rifles cartridges, while the 60-series utilizes four AA batteries and a 60 mm fan for extreme barrel cooling in big bore and high-power rifles. Each Chamber Chiller prototype arrives with a satin black finish, allowing you to paint the unit any color you wish or begin using it as-is.

OMEGA features an 8mm ID nozzle that fits .223 up to 6.5 chambers, and BETA features a larger 10.4mm ID nozzle that fits 6mm up to .338LM cartridges (see compatibility list). You can see Chamber Chiller in this video comparing my prototype coolers to the competition: https://youtu.be/Dyem0dfJOhU

Performance Comparison Results:
Other brand: 6.3 grains max downforce out of a 6mm ID opening.
OMEGA-50: 21.8 grains of downforce out of a 8mm ID opening.
BETA-60: 24.4 grains of downforce out of a 10.4mm ID opening.

I’ve already built and tested several Chamber Chiller barrel cooling fan prototypes, but I know that overheating is a problem for plenty of shooters. A cooled barrel gives shooters and edge over their competition.

Visit https://www.chamberchiller.com to place an order.


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  1. Tim Dey

    Hi there Olin,
    I haven’t seen you out at the range for awhile. Now I know why. Busy inventing stuff. Cheryl and I will order two of these from you.

    Tim Dey

    1. Olin Coles

      Hello Tim!
      I’m looking forward to the start of this coming season, and hope to shoot with you and Cheryl again soon. The OMEGA-50 cooler fits .223 Rem up to 6.5 Creedmoor, and BETA-60 fits 6mm up to .338 Lapua Magnum. Think of them as small and medium, if you will. 🙂

      1. dave

        olin ill take one of the beta 60s…can i just pick it up from you one day next week?
        give me a call or shoot me a text later.
        Thanks dave.

        1. Olin Coles

          Of course! I’ll make sure to get one of these to you in the next few weeks.

  2. Rich

    I believe you really have something here. You won on two major points. One: the batteries AA are easy to find and cheap. Two: price you beat the other brand by half. I believe your air moment is stronger but would like to see stand or something to hold all 3 units at the same height form the scale. The last one looked like it was almost touching the pan could have just been a shadow or something.

    1. Olin Coles

      Hello: Thanks for your feedback. All of the units tested in that video were held the same distance from the pan, approximately 1/2″ away. You can skip between tests to see that they each receive the same space.
      While the use of AA and AAA batteries make Chamber Chiller more convenient to own and operate, the use of large high-performance blower motor fans paired to large outflow nozzles ensures much better airflow compared to other cooling solutions.

  3. Walt Voigt

    I would like to order an Omega 50 asap $37

    1. Olin Coles

      Great! Just press the ‘reserve’ button to order one. If you’re local to Reno, send me a message.

  4. Jim

    I love this thing
    i got the Beta 50 to use with my 7mm Rem Mag
    was out yesterday doing some OCW Testing
    after shooting a string of 9 rounds at my different targets for each round of testing
    my barrel temp was up to around 130* checked with an IR thermometer
    after about 5 mins using the Beta 50 it was down to under 100*
    this thing made testing a lot faster then normal
    i’m totally a fan of this fan

    1. Olin Coles


      I’m glad Chamber Chiller is serving you well, Jim!

  5. Glenn

    Hi there. I am in New Zealand. How can I get one?

    1. Olin Coles

      Hello Glenn:
      As much as I want you guys to have a Chamber Chiller sample, it’s classified as a firearm accessory and prohibited from export outside of the USA. I hope to offer a solution for shooters in other countries once this project trial is complete.

  6. edward pacilio

    who do i contact to get one
    Ed 818-652-1540

    1. Steven Flood

      Edward, we are accepting pre-orders for the next shipment but are making some changes to the website right now so our only payment method available is an invoice through PayPal. If you would like to pre-order, please reply with your e-mail address and which model/weapon you would like to purchase or you can e-mail us at [email protected]. You don’t have to have or create an account at PayPal to make a payment. We also accept personal checks in the mail. We should have payment integrated into the website in a few days. Thanks, Steven

  7. Tim Andrews

    What’s the duty cycle? Are they robust? Will they handle rough use?

    1. GunWarrior

      Hello Tim:
      Please visit https://www.chamberchiller.com for more information on the latest versions of Chamber Chiller, which utilize a very durable design.

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